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Inquiries regarding the certification process and test results should be sent to

Certification Fees
GS1-128 Label Evaluation - $75 per sample (Each format requires separate sample)

The Pre-Registration Process
Suppliers must now pre-register in order to submit logistic barcode samples. Please enter your company's Supplier ID in the login box at the bottom of the page. Pre-registration involves entering your facility address, contact information, and providing a listing of the samples you will be submitting. Payments via credit card are processed online during the pre-registration process.

Sample Submission
Once an invoice is paid (credit card), sample submissions may be sent to the BCG Testing Center. The testing laboratory address will be provided on the submission form generated during the pre-registration process. DO NOT SEND IN SAMPLES WITHOUT A COMPLETED SUBMISSION FORM.

Certification Results
Testing results will be provided via e-mail to the listed primary and secondary (optional) contacts within 3 business days from receipt. For suppliers who do not pass certification, the email evaluation will provide digital images, verification scan reports (if applicable), and corrective actions. All samples that do not pass certification will require re-evaluation and this testing process will need to be repeated.

Invoicing and Payment
Payment made with a credit card must be done during the online registration. For the quickest turn-around time, you are encouraged to pay via credit card. Suppliers will have the option of payment by check, which will need to accompany samples. Items that do not pass certification are required to be re-submitted. Certification fees are applicable for all new and re-submitted tests samples. Submissions which include payment by check may require an extra day for processing. For GS1-128 support please call 1-800-662-0701 x310.

For GS1-128 support please call 1-800-662-0701 x310.